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PELMO, an online, stress-free assessment of your English language proficiency skills!


Stress Free

At PELMO, we understand how stressful standardized tests can be. That is why we made sure that when you do the PELMO assessment, you will be relaxed and therefore able to demonstrate your English skills more accurately.



PELMO is dedicated to providing you with the most accurate English proficiency evaluation so that you can start your college or university program as soon as possible.



When you take PELMO, you will notice that you have choices regarding which questions you are asked to answer. Having control over which questions you answer will allow you to choose the question to answer that will most clearly demonstrate your English language skills. You will also get notifications that tell you to breathe deeply and stretch so that you can remain as relaxed as possible during the assessment.


Sending Scores To Colleges/Universities

We will happily send your final score to any institutions free of charge.


Unique Test Structure

The test has two sections. Section I: Speaking, Listening and Grammar; Section II: Reading and Writing. Each section is just 45 minutes. In less than 90 minutes, the test is completed. And in less than 48 hours, you will receive your results.


Student Support

At PELMO we are always here to help. If you want to talk to a PELMO English Trainer before starting your test, just email us. We will help you to begin thinking in English before you begin your test!