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The structure of the PELMO is very user-friendly. Clear instructions guide the user smoothly through each section. A proctor will immediately address technical issues, should they occur.
PELMO's Structure
Part I - Speaking and Listening (45 minutes)
Part II - Reading and Writing (45 minutes)
Total test time: 90 minutes
Part I - Speaking and Listening
Section A: 18 Questions, Participants will be asked to read statements or repeat content of audio clips
Section B: 3 Questions, Participants will speak for one minute on a provided topic. They have 90 seconds to prepare, and there are guided sub-questions to help participants to speak for the full minute
Section C: 34 Questions, Participants will be asked to fill in the blank, choose the correct answer via multiple choice, and identify the grammatically correct sentence.
Section D : 16 Questions, Listen to the recording and answer the multiple choice questions. Participants can take notes while they listen.
Part II - Reading and Writing
Section A - Participants read a short article (they can choose from three topics) and then write a response to the article. They have 25 minutes for the reading and the writing. Participants are encouraged to use language different from that in the article in order to achieve the highest score possible.
Section B - Participants must write a response to a question (they can choose from three different questions). They have 20 minutes to plan and write a response.


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